About Us

Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan is run by the Society for the Betterment of Education which was formed by a group of educationists and administrators on 4 September 1974 with the active help and encouragement from Sri Dipak Ghosh I.A.S, the then District Magistrate of Midnapore to impart better education to the school going children of Midnapore Town and to establish institutions for this purpose. This group felt that our children should be able to feel at home anywhere in India during their student life and also later in their working life. For this reason, they decided to set up a school where education would be imparted through the medium of English.

Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan was established in January 1975 with preparatory and kindergarden classes only, under the able guidance of Miss S. Mukherjee, Honorary Secretary and Principal, herself a teacher of great distinction.

The School is now run in 4 sections (1) Pre-school section (Lower & Upper prep. & K.G. Classes), (2) Primary school section (classes I to IV), (3) High school section (Classes V to X), (4) Higher Secondary (XI & XII). Since 1975, the school grew up by one class each year until 1983 and is managed by a Governing Body, appointed by the Society for the Betterment of Education, Midnapore. The School from its very inception depended solely on the tuition and other fees collected from its students. The Society for the Betterment of Education and its members take interest in the business of the school without any remuneration whatsoever. The Society is under the direct supervision of the District Magistrate and the School Governing Body is constituted by the Society.

We are permanently affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations. Thirteen batches of our students have already taken the final ICSE examination quite successfully. Three batches of ISC have appeared quite successfully. Given all the requisite facilities of teaching, Lab work and Library use, we are confident of providing sound higher secondary education. Hopefully, the right thinking guardians will opt for Vidyasagar Shishu Niketan, when it comes to giving them this level of instruction. Thanks to the sustained patronage and support of the enlightened people of Midnapore, the school has, over the years, grown into a prominent centre of educational excellence.

The School Motto

The motto of our school, “TRANSFORMING POTENTIAL INTO ACHIEVEMENT”, rightly coined by the ex-President, Mr. Surajit Roy, W.B.C.S. (Exe.) SDO (Mid), reflects the mission of each dedicated soul of the school. VSN is indeed such a laboratory where the hidden potentialities of each child are discovered, nurtured and processed, which ultimately lead him to the height of achievement.